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Thrift Shop Haul 4th September 2021

1. “Gerald’s Game” by Stephen King

I’m on a never-ending quest to read all of Stephen King’s books, but I always restrict myself to buying books I want from charity shops/listening to them on Libby rather than brand new because a) it’s cheaper, and b) I’m guaranteed to see the book I bought for full price in one of those places a week later. It’s like a curse.

So when I saw this on a hospice shelf I was ecstatic. I’ve wanted to read this one for ages! Its pure Stephen King – a small, horrifying idea (what would happen if my husband tied me up and then died and no one knew where I was?) made into a fully fledged book.

2. Beach bag

I live by the beach, and just this summer got into surfing, so this caught my eye immediately. It’s not what I would usually pick for a design (it’s pretty out there) but it’s eye-catching, big, and gives me summer vibes.

3. Karen Millen Coat

One of my greatest pleasures is finding designer items, in great condition, sitting on charity shop shelves next to moth-bitten shirts and Primark dresses which are falling apart. This was a real catch: it was just sitting on the end of the rack, untouched, and I could hardly believe it hadn’t been grabbed yet.

It’s almost new. I had a cheeky look on the internet later for the full retail price: £95. An absolute bargain. I got it for £10. This is why I keep on coming back to charity shops week after week.

4. Boohoo dress

Again, this wouldn’t be my usual choice of dress, but the colours looked so pretty that I figured I would give it a try. It looked stunning on! Even though it’s from Boohoo it honestly looked like a really luxury dress and hugged my figure well. Really pleased with this one.

Overall a pretty great haul. All of it re-used and eco-friendly!