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Hi there! Welcome to the blog! I’ll keep this short and sweet so I can move onto the fun stuff: actually blogging.

I’m a twenty-something girl (not quite gen Z, not quite millennial) who wants to focus less on keeping up with the joneses and more on having a happier, simpler and more eco-friendly life.  

I’ve created this blog with two ideas in mind: the first, to alter my life so that’s focused on the things that matter, rather than the next big thing I need to do. I’ve always had some issues with perfectionism and wanting everything to be flawless. This ranges from my career, to my relationships, to my body, to my skills, and it’s getting exhausting. I want to focus on experiences rather than things and spending time with the people that matter rather than the ones who don’t.

The second is to make my lifestyle better for the environment. I have a bunch of crazy plans around cycling everywhere, making everything from scratch, buying loads from thrift shops instead of brand new, and just generally taking less from the world than I currently do.

Simple Thrift will probably be more like a diary of all my attempts to do these things rather than a serious blog. I might have some months where I don’t write, and some where I write a lot, but the general plan is to keep this a relaxed, cosy space to write everything down.

Introductions over – let’s start blogging!

Sarah x  

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